A typically Italian story

Mario Fagni is the product of 50 years of history and passion. A typically Italian story, an entire family born from Madaf, a company specialized in the design and realisation of classic shoes for men, today an excellency Made in Tuscany. Starting from the small factory in the 60’s, the company knew how to grow and elevate without ever loosing spirit, togetherness and the artisan determination of its origin.


Incredible connection with the territory

Madaf knew how to translate heritage into innovation, succeeding over the years to have total coverage of every phase of production of the shoes in its own laboratory of specialist workers combining superior craftsmanship, research and innovation. Madaf is an authentic manufacturer at KM ZERO who distinguishes himself due to an incredible connection with the territory: from the initial project to the finishing touches, from the cutting and treatment of the leathers up until the choice of style details, each Madaf shoe is unique and of elevated quality.


Beginning in the 80’s

Beginning in the 80’s with the second generation of Fagni in management, the shoe factory takes on a corporate dimension: production increases, a distribution network is created covering National territory which systematically begins foreign requests. It was the three Fagni brothers who expanded the production of the iconic moccasin making possible the creation of complex and sought after designs. In the 90’s Madaf became a solid reality in the Italian footwear market and abroad;the history of Tuscan footwear begins a new era.


Renew the classic with intelligence and sensibility

The relationship with the international market and with the end client is what permits Madaf to accept an International challenge: understand the world, tastes and expectations of other countries, interpret emerging trends. The eclectic approach and the international feel permitted Madaf to renew the classic with intelligence and sensibility. In 1981 the company launched its own brand giving life to the Mario Fagni collection, today an ambassadress of Made in Tuscany worldwide.


This is the soul of Madaf today

Madaf is today a long time trusted partner for Italian and International brands operating in the fashion market. Know how and laboratory expertise Madaf have for years been at the service of those brands looking for production quality to give life to their ideas. Madaf guarantees their partners exclusivity on models and trustworthy handling of these projects. This is the soul of Madaf today, a company with a strong professional ethic, a team of skilled dedicated workers and a modern vision ready to take on new challenges to continue to interpret excellence giving service to those who are looking for a spokesman in the world.